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NSA Membership Paves The Path To Success

  • As an NSA Member, you have the ability to save up to 50% or more annually on many of the most recognized and respected industry suppliers of consumables, products, and equipment and services.
  • 80% of supplier program offered through NSA membership includes an additional rebate. Rebates can be earned directly through the manufacturer or supplier. You will also have access to supplier sponsored quarterly promotions.
  • Maximize purchases through NSA contracts that we negotiate on your behalf allowing you to bid more competitively freeing up your time to concentrate on your day to day business operations.
  • Receive contract pricing and continue to purchase consumables and supplies from your established distributor.
  • Invite and participate in our seminars and webinars where you can gain access to extensive training tools and keynote speakers that help you and your employees become a more productive and powerful presence in your business sector.
  • Participate in sponsored meetings to share best practices and network with peers.
  • Occasionally you may be able to test new products, engage in brainstorming sessions and collaborate on the development of new technology.
  • Have access to order control and reporting tools to monitor your spend, ensuring that each job stays within budget. Our IMAP data analysis system makes sure you know exactly where your dollars go annually, quarterly and monthly.
  • Be assigned a dedicated and expert NSA representative who will guide you through the process to ensure you receive the contract pricing. Your representative will help you make the best choices and decisions in gaining the most of your potential savings. 
  • You have the opportunity to build connections with leading partner suppliers that influence the ever-evolving growth of your business.
  • We strongly believe you will find your membership to be extremely valuable to your business. If after you join you find you do not save at least the equivalent of your membership fee in your first year, we will gladly refund your fee and terminate your membership.